by Chaos Commute

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Production, recording & mix by Andreas Hartmann
Recorded & mixed at Dirty Recordings
Drums recorded at Daily Hero Recordings
Mastering by Marc Wüstenhagen, Daily Hero Recordings
Artwork by Camilo Betancourt & Feli Lang
Photography by Eric Köckeritz
© & ℗ Chaos Commute - 2018
All rights reserved


released November 23, 2018


all rights reserved



Chaos Commute Berlin, Germany

CHAOS COMMUTE are a brand new Rock duo from Berlin, with songs ranging from epic hymns to punk-ish social commentary to Stadium rockers. All done by just two guys, Camilo (vocals, guitar/bass) and Julian (drums, backing vocals).

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Track Name: Where Is The Next Bus Stop?
Take a shower, brush my teeth
Iron my best shirt carefully
Read a short guide about how to taste wine
Let's have a good time, let’s have a good time
Gonna keep an open mind
Something different, spice it up a bit
Take a cab instead of my bike
No time left to wonder why
I do not feel comfortable
This isn't me

I’m sick and I refuse
To keep pretending to be the nice guy
I don’t know what’s the use
of coming up here and trying to be part
of a world that doesn’t care at all ‘bout me

Caught myself talking to a guy
'Bout my brand new stock investment
While his eyes are shining bright, I'd rather leave and cry
"Dude your German is so good -
no offense, you don't look like one at all"
I will never get the vibe
Of the pseudo-friendly type
Where is the next bus stop?
I’m out of here
Track Name: Mirror
You think you’re in control
You think you’re ahead in the game
But all you do is compensating

You think you’re above it all
Playing smart playing dumb as it suits your name
But in the end every word you say is fake

You are a sign
for the times we live in and die
You’re a mirror

A master in your craft
Abusing power and good will
You break the rules, no matter who made them

You are your own worst enemy
But you won’t see it ‘til you fall
By then we’ll know we’re not so different after all

Thief, fascist, xenophobic racist
Bigot, slayer, greedy global player
Corrupt, tyrant, violence admirer
Reckless, fence, seeking to set fire
Hypocritic clown, homophobic pig
Needy mogul, surveilling every step we take
Hungry for attention, no matter what it costs
Everybody is a pawn, every line is crossed
Track Name: Get Out
I don’t need a reason, just need a way out
Already exhausted when you come around
I’m ready stop this, been tied for too long
You’re making me empty and dry, dry to the bone

Get out, get out, get away from me
Never come back, never call
Get out, get out, get away from me
I never cared about you at all

You’re squeezing my soul when we go out
Your parasite hole is dragging me down
You like spreading your word but I’m not impressed
Now it's my turn, so listen to me
Track Name: Falling Apart
Come, take my hand, trust me, I'll be your best friend
Let’s light the fuse and pretend we’re heroes
Just for tonight no wall is too high
we climb'em with ease, no need for keys
we reach for the sky and feel the relieve

Breathe in the dust
Give me everything you have
Shine for a moment, feel like a star
I will follow you into the dark
Keep me from falling apart

On the red carpet of fun no one leaves ‘til the last trace is gone
We’re like one another, everyone’s everyone
We own the world, we know it all,
We love so much, we’re ten feet tall
Run around screaming “Please don’t let this end!”

Tease me, please me, release me
Give me what I need
Let’s blow off yesterday
Let go in every way
Let go!
Let go off all the pain
Track Name: We Bribe Our Gods To Feed The Herd
We need a name, we need a mission
We’re lost at sea, the end is coming soon
We found our calling in a prayer
And live devoted to a god

And we answer to religion
And we answer to the word
And we answer to the visions
Of the man who met the lord

We will give you sweet redemption
We will give you inner peace
We’ll make you stronger and eternal
Defend the truth by any means

Wherever you go It´s cause you´ve been chosen

And he answers to religion, and she answers to the word
And they answer to the visions
Bribe their gods to feed the herd
And they worship fallen angels in search for absolution
“Praise the lord!”
Track Name: All Your Life
All your sneakers, all your friends
All your plans and where you’ve been
That you’re dying here hung over
And your favorite month’s October

That you’re running out of gas
And your kitchen is a mess
That your flight is on delay
And you’re sick of waiting

All your life you're online
You broadcast every moment and I’m glad of missing out!

All those books you’d like to read
What you miss about Berlin
Who you vote for, your first choice
When it comes to girls or boys

How you celebrate and cry
‘Bout a game you didn’t play
That you miss your BFF
And you're bored to death

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